Is Hiring A Sitefinity Developer A Good Decision?

Updating the content of your website is the most important step that you need to keep your audience engaged. And this becomes easy when you choose to go for a reliable and expert team of developers and of course the right CMS for your business. There are plenty of CMS available and if you are willing to consider a paid content management system, then nothing can be better than selecting Sitefinity development. The moment you come to know about your requirements, you can do your research to find a good team of Sitefinity developers, which can take care of all your needs. There are many leading companies that have a strong virtual presence and they have usually extensive experience in Sitefinity development. Once you choose such a company having years of experience in the industry, you will obviously be able to enjoy various benefits.

Sitefinity is a robust open framework CMS that is based on the Microsoft Dot Net technology that helps to create fully dynamic and editable websites. Since in this competitive business environment, it is imperative to have a full functional website that offers advanced features and appeals to the customers, hiring dedicated Sitefinity developers to work on your project is the best option.

Some Advantages of Hiring Certified Sitefinity Developers

Understand your website requirements: It is very important that each aspect of your website is clearly understood by the developers before they start creating the website so as to involve more customer engagement. Certified Sitefinity developers help organizations to understand the purpose of the web portal so that they can derive the most out of their portal. Since the developers are experienced in designing a wide range of master pages and themes, it helps them to establish a robust online presence and brand identity.

Build an optimized website: An optimized website is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered to drive web traffic. Sitefinity developers can easily understand your business requirements and develop a 100% optimized website that works on all devices. Optimized website often helps to attract potential customers looking for specific products or services and this helps the companies to boost revenues. Every enterprise knows that a web portal that is properly optimized for the major search engines help them to attain their prime objective.

Make the site more user friendly and reliable: You may often notice increased bounce rate if your site is not user-friendly or reliable. Choosing Sitefinity developers will help to build a user-friendly and reliable site that will keep the visitors hooked. This helps to reduce the bounce rates and also enhance the reliability in the eyes of major search engines and this increases the rankings. Creating a reliable and user friendly site is extremely needed to gain the trust of the customers.

Knowledge of the latest trends and technologies: Technologies keep on changing every now and then and so web development has also changed in the past few years. Hiring certified Sitefinity developers help an organization to be aware of the latest trends in this field and help develop a site that allows organizations to generate a high ROI. The developers are in fact aware of how the web portal should be developed as per the demands of the market.

Fitness for Kids – Top 10 Tips

1) Learn a New Sport

With the grown in status and awareness of sports such as golf and tennis, get your kids involved in a new sport. In addition to increasing activity and creating a spark of interest, sports will always increase a child’s coordination, movement patterns and build confidence with their peers. Sports such as golf, tennis, basketball, badminton, martial arts are great at keeping them interested and you will find aspiring champions in every child! Kids are great dreamers!

2) Set a Good Example

If you want your kids to be active, you MUST be active yourself! Lead by example, park the car away from the entrance of the supermarket, use the stairs instead of the escalator, get the kids up early and go for a walk before you go to work, do some exercise drills before dinner like push ups, lunges, squats, or jumping jacks.

3) Head to the Park

Parks are the perfect solution for your children to run around and enjoy themselves with their friends. Load bearing exercise like running and jumping keeps their bones and muscles strong and helped them to develop good motor control and co-ordination skills.

4) Kids Fitness Boot Camp

A totally new fitness experience for kids, Kids Boot Camp allows children to exercise in a fun and effective gym environment run by fitness professionals. Kids learn how to move safely and challenge themselves using only their body weight, exercise tubes, bands, and medicine balls. Created and run by the professionals at Fitcorp Asia (

5) Home Duties

Give some responsibilities around the home while are on school break, such as walking the dog, vacuuming and dusting. Not only will this help to develop a sense of responsibility, it will help build strong bonds with your children.

6) Family Fitness!

Get the entire family involved for weekend activities. Play catch, or tag around the back yard or in the park. Make exercise fun, and something you enjoy as well. If you show that you enjoy the exercise, they will to.

7) Fun Parks

In addition to having a fantastic time on all the rides, a day at the fun park such as Dream World will require hours of continuous walking from ride to ride. Fond memories and great for the whole family.

8) Ask and You Will Receive

Ask your kids what ‘they’ would like to do! More often than not there are influences from school or from friends which has sparked some interest. Ask and you will be surprised.

9) Fun Activities at Home

Crab Soccer, tag, jump rope, Hide and Seek or set up a fun circuit for your kids and their friends to do. Stair running, hoola hoops, hopscotch, skating, jumping jacks, balance drills, frog jumps, arm circles and skipping ropes make for a fun and very effective workout!

10) Set up a Rewards System

Create a points system for exercise that encourages your kids to exercise regularly. Use rewards such as trips to the movies, tickets to sporting events, new sporting equipment like jump ropes, roller blades, exercise tubing. Never use food as a reward.

What Is The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Web Development?

Are you in the process of having a website built for your business or organization? If so, you may have heard your web development team throw around the terms ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ – and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Knowing the difference between these types of websites is important in helping you choose which you should use.


A static website has been written entirely using HTML; each page is a separate document and there are no databases or external files that need to be drawn upon. The only way to edit these websites is to have the web development team go into each page and edit the code manually.


A dynamic website has been written using a more complex code (such as PHP or ASP), which provides it with a greater degree of functionality. These sorts of sites can be controlled with a content management system, which allow the client to make changes and updates themselves.

So, which should you choose? These days, most people prefer dynamic websites because they can help to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs (as the web development team don’t need to make changes), they make data management extremely efficient, and they allow for the addition of future add-ons (such as data feeds and an internal search function).

This is not to say, however, that a static website is a thing of the past. Many people still choose this type of site because they cannot afford a dynamic one, they don’t have the time to wait for complex coding to be completed, and they don’t care too much about controlling their own content. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Secure and Reliable Applications From a Web Development Agency

A business is all about business processes and an integration plan to integrate the internal components of an organization. Business automation is the core behind every accomplishment that a business house achieves. A web design agency deals with all the web development needs right from analysis to final development. To turn vision into the reality, several agencies are offering their services to the diverse client across the world. The domain of the web development revolves around major segments including:

A. PHP Web Development

B. ASP and ASP.Net Development

C. E commerce Development

D. Custom Web Programming

A standard web design company usually enjoys extensive experience in providing professional web services for their global clients. They have a professional track record of successfully completing the projects of different sizes and strength. These companies capitalize on their accumulated experience in developing full-cycle web development services ranging from core business analysis, consulting and project implementation. Web development segment of the agency deals in a core set of web application development services including:

A. Web Application Development

B. Application Migration and Porting

C. Application Re-engineering and Enhancement

D. Application Audit and Testing

E. Application Maintenance

These agencies provide dedicated web developers to the clients who design and develop web applications according to the individual business needs. They start their process with detailed requirement analysis of the website followed by comprehensive database design. These professionals are expert both in the back-end design and front end design as well. In the front end design they use Adobe Illustrator, Macro-media Flash, Dream weaver and Photo shop. In the very same manner these agency use several high-end and advanced tools to develop front end of the web application. These tools include.Net, Ajax, ASP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and C# etc.

Robust and secure web applications are the demand of the time. This is why an agency works in the close coordination with the business houses to understand their business requirements. They decide to use the platform accordingly. Usually these company works on two platforms according to the clients’ preferences. They choose either Microsoft Technologies like.Net or Open source technologies like PHP etc. Both these technologies have their own advantages and cost benefits.

If you are in search for a web development company, you need to be cautious and alert. Hiring a web development company is a tricky decision and requires good amount of research and analysis about the service provider. Keep a checklist with you depicting all the needs that you want to get accomplished by the agency. Discuss the type of web application you need from the service provider. Ask the agency about the process they follow to accomplish the project within the given time frame. The most important thing that you inquire is the cost they charge for the development. Compare several websites at a time to get a quote that suits you well.

3 Content Management Systems That Are Not WordPress

We all know that WordPress is the 800 pound gorilla of content management systems. However, there are times when WordPress will not fit the bill. At those times, here are three other content management systems that you can look at.

1. Concrete 5

Concrete 5, just like WordPress, will install into what is called a lamp environment. Lamp stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP which in plain English just means a Linux Web server.

Concrete 5 also has a vibrant community of supporters and developers. Just like WordPress, you can use a variety of beings or scans for your website, some are free, some arcade. There are plug-ins that he convinced all into C5 five although they are not actually called plug-ins, they are called add-ons. The biggest advantage of C5 over WordPress, is that it allows you much more granular control over what an individual user can see and edit on your site.

2. Drupal

Drupal, also requires a lamp environment in order to function. It allows you to add multiple users and assign individual roles to those users. Drupal, also has a very wide community of supporters and developers.

Probably the most famous Drupal installation of all, is the website. Because of that, you know that Drupal has the ability to handle a lot of traffic at any given time.

3. Mojoportal

Mojoportal, unlike the previous two, is a Windows-based CMS. There are ways that you can install it into a Linux environment, but the developer does not support it.

If you are primarily in a Windows-based environment, and would like to have active directory integration with your website so that you can use active directory to assign user roles, mojo portal is the CMS for you. Mojo has a smaller footprint than WordPress and Drupal, but there is a decent sized community of users out there that will be more than happy to help you out should you get stuck.

With mojo, you can also use different themes or skins, to change the look and feel of your website.

So, there you have three different content management systems, other than WordPress, that you can use for your website.

Personally, I like WordPress, but I find there are times when WordPress will not do what I need to get done.

WordPress, will not integrate with Active Directory, but there are times when active directory integration comes in handy. Concrete 5 has much more granular support for user permissions and user roles. For Drupal, my favorite thing, is the speed and how robust it is.

Time to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer for Your Self-Hosted Website

There are at least 60 million websites that are using WordPress framework to host respective websites or blogs. The wide-spread popularity of WordPress owe to the features of the platform. Moreover, it’s an open source project that does not incur very high development cost. WordPress themes can be downloaded for free and even the paid themes are quite affordable. In addition to that, WordPress has an extremely user-friendly backend system that does not require the expertise of a professional programmer to carry forward with day to day management of the website. Due to the endless features and convenience of using the WordPress platform, there are number of self-hosted WordPress websites/blogs on the web. Platforms such as WordPress have empowered non-tech users to take control over the facets of website development. Self-hosted websites are good, but have certain limitation especially over matters related to website security. Therefore, if your WordPress website store aims to showcase pertinent information regarding your business, it becomes imperative to hire a WordPress developer responsible for following security protocols.

A very common mistake that self -hosted WordPress website owners make is the constant ignoring of the need to upgrade WordPress version, programs, themes and plug-ins. Running the website on an old version makes it extremely vulnerable to attacks and hacking. For regular up gradation and periodic maintenance of the website, it is crucial to hire a dedicated WordPress developer. A critical component of website maintenance is creating a full proof back-up of the entire website. Self-hosted website can only partially create a backup. To withstand an unforeseen circumstance in terms of data loss, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with a professional developer who will be responsible for managing the control panel of the website, thus creating the back-up of the website in the most efficient manner.

Gone are the days when a website was developed and completely forgotten. In a very dynamic business environment, users and customers expect new changes and features on the website. Similarly, as and when business expands, requirements of the corresponding website also changes. There to keep pace with the changing system and need, there is a need to engage a professional developer who can take care of WordPress development, customization and plug-in/widget installation.

Taking assistance of a professional developer is also crucial in terms of minimizing the risks that most novice website owners are not aware of. Small observations such as not accessing WordPress admin from unknown computers or system or using the same keys for a very long time can directly protect your website from unforeseen circumstances. Hire WordPress developer on a part-time basis and learn from his/her varied security measure that will prevent unwarranted activities associated with your website. There are many benefits of employing a professional developer. Besides the technical expertise, a professional WordPress developer will acquaint website owners with latest trends and practices that will enhance the visibility of the portal. Setting up a WordPress CMS is a fairly simple task, however to convert the same into secured, revenue generating website, it is significant to take advice and guidance for an expert developer.